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 diamond in the rough, 27 , unemployed , s. james
i am happier where no one knows my name.
27 years old & he/him
damien szczepaniak
 Posted on: Jun 25 2018, 12:31 AM
played by sami

full name: damien szczepaniak
age: twenty-seven
nicknames: d
gender: male
pronouns: he/him
height 6'
face claim: stephen james
member group: fire
occupation: unemployed
past occupations: various
hometown: portland, or
place of birth: boise, idaho
sexual orientation: bisexual
romantic orientation: biromantic
relationship status: single
current partner: n/a

positive traits: clever, good liar, hardworking, independent, intuitive
negative traits: untrusting, volatile, stubborn, cynical, insensitive
  • damien had a horrible birth family. his parents were addicts and even his siblings were in and out of prison. he was taken into child protective services custody when he was a little over seven years old
  • he was in and out of foster homes for a while. people took pity on the kid from a bad family, but the apple didn't fall far from the tree.
  • he was fifteen when he ran away from a group home. they kept returning him, but he kept running away. he was tired of living in the system, so he wanted to make his own way
  • he fell in love with a girl and ran around with her for a few years. he felt like he might have been able to be clean for her, but they weren't compatible with each other and ended up breaking up
  • when he turned eighteen, damien tried to calm down. he really did. he didn't want to go to jail for a long time, and didn't want to deal with a felony charge on his record. he really did try.
  • damien doesn't even remember how he met selena. he just knew her. they went on a road trip where he believed she was over eighteen. she was not.
  • they got stopped and damien got sent to jail for 'kidnapping' and taking a minor across state lines. selena was absolutely no help in getting his charges reduced
  • damien met z in prison. they were cellmates, and hit it off. z is now the only person damien trusts - because he earned that damn trust
  • he tried to lay low in prison. he really did. he still managed to get in fights, though luckily he didn't get more time for those. he just didn't get out early for good behavior
  • now that he's out, damien is pretty aimless. he doesn't have any goals in life, and doesn't have any ambitions other than not struggling in life. he's just kind of figuring it out as he goes.
  • he's practically a ticking time bomb. you never know when he's going to just go off
  • he trusts a total of two (2) people. himself and z. that's it.
  • he'll get violent at the drop of a hat
  • could not give less of a shit about what people think of him
  • he's ride or die or nothing. when he's loyal to someone, he's loyal to the core
  • damien is extroverted, though he tends to shut in on himself. he still recharges when he's around people
  • he does not think before he acts. he's more of a shoot first, ask questions later kind of person
  • he's got a huge soft spot for animals. as violent as he is, he would never hurt an animal
  • damien isn't quiet. in fact, he's pretty loud. he won't open up about personal things, but he'll definitely tell you his opinion, whether it was wanted or not
  • he absolutely hates authority. the best way to get on his shit list is to tell him what to do. the best way to get him to do what you want is to tell him not to do the thing.
  • he's only in seattle because selena called for him
  • he got a lot of stick n poke tattoos in prison. like, a lot
  • he absolutely loves trashy horror movies
  • he's a cat guy
  • damien plays the sims a lot more than he should. don't ask what he does in it
  • don't ask what any of his tattoos mean. he doesn't know, and even if he did, he wouldn't tell you
  • he's addicted to shitty phone games
  • he's slightly above average intelligence-wise. he's not the smartest, but he's definitely not dumb
  • he was a lot more fun-loving, open, and carefree before he went to prison. now that he's out, he's just a grump
  • damien is pretty selective with who he sleeps with, but he's usually in it for the physical touch and tries to avoid emotions. he needs to trust the person he's with
damien is a felon who recently got out of prison and is in seattle because an old friend (selena) needed him here. the only other person he knows is z, who got out of prison the same time as he did. he's a really rough and kind of crazy guy. he's a little off the rails and honestly will probably just bitch at you.
friends are hard for damien. he's kind of rude and mean so people would have to get passed all that in order to be close to him. he's ride or die for all his friends, though.
he's been in jail for?? years?? so give him love.
everyone, probably.
player info
fight me
yk im the baddest bitch admin around.
19 years old & she/her
 Posted on: Jul 4 2018, 07:05 PM
played by shadia


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