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 ; but we are broken, tbd
22 years old


in a relationship & bisexual

take it one step at a time
 Posted on: May 19 2018, 09:52 AM

full name: artemis camille fiering
age: twenty two
nicknames: ari
gender: female
pronouns: she/her
height 5’2
face claim: sarah hyland
member group: earth
occupation: receptionist at law firm
past occupations: zoo keeper
hometown: seattle
place of birth: seattle
sexual orientation: bisexual
romantic orientation: biromantic
relationship status: dating
current partner: npc (maybe a request)

positive traits: resourceful, gentle, patient, motherly.
negative traits: pessimistic, secretive, stubborn, indecisive.
tw: abuse, death, alcoholism

☽ artemis; an odd name given to her by parents obsessed with greek mythology. she was named after the goddess of hunting, the moon and chasity. her elder brother, ajax, was also gifted with a name of a greek hero. despite being named after important people in greek texts, they were anything but. the family was poor as could be and struggled to put god on the table and keep a roof over their head. if it wasn’t for her older brother, ari probably would have starved long ago.

☆ she had a very strained relationship with her mother. the matriarch of the family would frequently belittle and harass the young girl, pointing out all her flaws and tearing down her self esteem. each time the verbal abuse would start ajax would be there to try and put a stop to it or comfort her afterwards and try to build her back up.

☽ when artemis was eleven her mother was murdered on her way home from work. she was told very little about her death due to her young age and never questioned it further as she aged. honestly, a part of her was relieved that the verbal abuse would come to an end. at the time she thought things would be better, but little did she know they got a whole lot worse. their father started drinking after his wife’s death and became physically abusive towards the children. ajax always took the worst of it and stepped in for a second beating whenever their father’s eyes would turn to her.

☆ when she was sixteen ajax left the family home and enlisted in the marines. he was sent to afganistan soon after. she cried for days leading up to his departure, not able to handle the fact she was going to lose her best friend and protector. for the first two years she actively wrote him letters, but as fewer responses from him were being sent back, she eventually stopped. she hasn’t seen him for six years.

☽ life at home became unbearable. with ajax gone, ari was left on her own to deal with their alcoholic father. the abuse became a frequent occurrence and eventually she just broke. that was when she met beau.

☆ he was a few years older than her and had his own apartment on the other side of town. the relationship was toxic from the start, but the promise of escaping her father’s grips blinded her. they fell into a whirlwind relationship quickly and within a month she had moved in with him and dropped out of high school at seventeen. beau liked to have ari stay at home while he was at work, cleaning and preparing meals for him. she obliged, happy to be free from the abuse. but after a few years of controlled bliss, things with beau started to turn sour in a new way. it started with little comments here and there, criticizing her weight and appearance, and then quickly turned to emotional and verbal abuse.

☽ artemis has been living stuck in place. she’s in a relationship that she hates, but doesn’t want to leave in fear of ending up homeless.

artemis seems to just be stuck in life. she bases all her decisions on what will keep her off the streets and as safe as possible. for her entire life she’s just been passed around from one abusive relationship to the next, whether it’s from her parents or partner. but despite all that she’s a very gentle and caring person.
ari loves to make friends and is pretty decent at doing so. she’s by no means popular or the life of the party, but she does have a handful of close people in her life. mostly people who’ve lived in Seattle all their lives.
ari is bisexual, so she’s been with both men and woman. she really doesn’t have a preference. she’s been in an emotionally and verbally abhsive relationship since she was 17 and won’t leave because she doesn’t want to end up homeless. they’ve had a few breaks and in that time she dated a few girls.
she doesn’t hold a grudge and is a very forgiving person. so she doesn’t really have an enemies with people. anyone she doesn’t like she’ll just avoid the best she can.
throw anything at me. I’m down for whatever.
player info
alias: aero
age: 25
timezone: Canada time
gender: female
pronouns: she/her
(m) / smut: yes
triggers: none
contact: bat signal
about you: y’all know me
21 years old


dating my cat & shrug

She wears darkness as a queen wears a crown: proud, confident, beautiful and above all meant only for her.
 Posted on: May 19 2018, 07:53 PM


Your application has been accepted! Please be sure to do all your claims before getting started on Acid!
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