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 scared of letting you [ go ], 25 | celeb assistant | j. bieber
25 years old

celebrity assistant

single & hetroflexible

the world is filled with nice people, if you can't find one be one
 Posted on: Feb 11 2018, 11:06 PM

full name: blaise jett jacobs
age: 25
nicknames: blaise, b
gender: male
pronouns: he
height 5'11
face claim: justin bieber
member group: water
occupation: celeb assistant
past occupations: celeb assistant for several celebs
hometown: la, cali
place of birth: la, cali
sexual orientation: hetroflexible
romantic orientation: biromantic
relationship status: single
current partner: his work

positive traits: optimistic, polite, hard worker, loyal, trustworthy,
negative traits: anxious, easily overwhelmed, stubborn, resentful, grudge holder,
Being a celebrity assistant is Blaise's whole world. Hes been doing it since he was eighteen years old and has worked for a handful of people from late night tv hosts to nba players. Blaise has seen and done it all.

Blaise really loves fashion. He puts a lot of thought into his outfits, and likes dressing nice. He really doesn't dress up often in suits, but he really loves putting together nice outfits to wear. He finds suits and stuff really awkward. So he tends to dress very casually, but still have his outfits very put together. He wears a lot of necklaces, unbuttoned tops, dark jeans, and things with patterns on them. He generally just looks nice.

Blaise gets anxiety about some things. He tends not to say what he's anxious about, and instead asks like ten questions. So if he's anxious about meeting a new group of people, instead of telling someone that - he'll ask 1,000 questions. He'll ask about the time they're going, time they're coming back, parking, etc. He is super friendly, but is very anxious upon meeting people at first. He really wants to make a good impression on people, and make people like him.

Blaise lives in a shitty apartment, with about 1,000 people constantly coming through. He doesn't know who is in his apartment half of the time, and barely pays attention. They haven't had many complaints, and the rent is paid each month. Blaise isn't in his apartment all the time, either .So maybe that's why he isn't super bothered by it.

Blaise runs a really shitty, unpopular music blog. No one likes it, no one reads it, and no one cares. That doesn't really stop him from ever blogging, though. He really enjoys blogging, and tries to get one or true entries up a week. Even if people aren't reading it, it hasn't seemed to cause the male to slow down on trying. He doesn't even really want to get this blog super popular. He just has a hobby of blogging that he loves a lot.

They say teenagers first loves are the most intense relationship they'll ever have. They say that teenagers first love is raw love. that teenagers first love is the biggest and most real thing to them. Every relationship of Blaise's is the most intense relationship he's ever had. Every relationship gets more and more intense. Each is more real then the next. He definitely is a dedication type. He is a virgin. He definitely isn't innocent by any means.

He is a space cadet. He constantly zones out. High school was hell for him because if the teacher stopped talking for five seconds he'd zone out into a world of his own. Blaise lives in a world of magic. He lives in a world of wizards and warriors. He lives in a world where closets will take you everywhere and anywhere. Blaise lives in a world where reality doesn't exist. He lives in a world where reality doesn't exist. He has a wild imagination, and is always zoning out to think of something else.

Blaise was raised in a poly household. People are always amazed when they find out. His parents didn't just have a plain jane open relationship. He had his mom, dad, mom's girlfriend, dad's girlfriend, and his dad's girlfriend's boyfriend living with them. It wasn't very odd to him at all. It was the only normal he knew. It was a little crazy at times with all of the people in the homes, and Blaise's two siblings running around, but there was more love, more people looking out for you, and more people to talk to if there was a problem, and Blaise loved it. It wasn't really an issue. There were moments he wished he could have just a minute with his mom (or dad, or one of their partners), but he rarely got that.

he'll have a good amount.
hes dated 2-3 people!
a few tbh. he can be a grudge holder. so he'll sit there like "IN 2001..."
stuff here. delete if none.
player info
19 years old


single & coolsexual

yk im the baddest bitch admin around.
 Posted on: Feb 11 2018, 11:07 PM


Your application has been accepted! Please be sure to do all your claims before getting started on Acid!
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