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 hysteria, 40 | app developer | j. leto
jack abernathy
 Posted on: Jun 14 2017, 03:46 PM
40 years old
app developer
16 posts
120 points

full name: jack abernathy
age: forty
nicknames: jackie (jokingly)
gender: male
pronouns: he/him
height 5'9"
face claim: jared leto
member group: air
occupation: app developer
past occupations: salesman, web developer
hometown: los angeles, california
place of birth: santa barbara, california
sexual orientation: heterosexual
romantic orientation: heteroromantic
relationship status: complicated
current partner: n/a

positive traits: assertive, candid, charismatic, dynamic, expressive, humorous, innovative
negative traits: unaccountable, turbulent, distant, inconsiderate, uncommitted, unstable, impatient
it all started when i was born. duh. that's how it always usually starts, right? well, that's how it all started for me. i was born to jack and diane. kidding. that's a good song, though. if you haven't listened to it, you should. okay, i'll try to be serious now. way, way back, forty years ago exactly, i was born to pat and beverly abernathy. i'm an only child because they were already in their forties when they had me.

i grew up in santa barbara, calfornia and everything was relatively normal. i went to a boring school, lived in a cookie-cutter neighborhood, and everything was pretty, well... normal. my parents had money, so i got to travel around and eventually the three of us moved to los angeles before i started third grade. i think we moved to los angeles so my dad could practice at a different hospital, but he was always switching hospitals. if you didn't catch that, my dad was a doctor. he's dead now, and so is my mom. they both died the same year. i was thirty.

but anyway, i had a normal childhood. it was good, and i was usually happy, and i got to play baseball and soccer and do all the fun childhood-type things. and then i got old and graduated, went to college for business, and got a job as a salesman. i didn't really like sales, so i went back to school for another degree, technology, so i could jump on the bandwagon with companies like apple, etc, etc. i became a web developer for amazon before i moved on and created a bunch of apps. so now i'm an app developer, and i've helped develop some apps that you probably use on a daily basis. one of the companies i started from the ground up is an app is called snapchat, and you probably use that (i'm guessing). it's pretty cool. stay away from sending dick pics, nasty people.

in college, i met a girl and we did that thing where people fall in love. typical. i really liked her, though, so we became an off-on thing and eventually started dating seriously. after years together, we had a kid, and then a few years later, another. finally, two years ago, we had a third kid. lots of kids, right? right. we never got married or engaged or anything. i'm not the type... at least, i don't think. i always wonder how much it bugs her that i never popped the question. we're still off-on and doing this new thing called co-parenting. it's mostly working, i guess. she mainly has the kids, but i try to help out when i have time or feel like it. sometimes it's a little overwhelming. my advise to you would probably be to think a little seriously before having lots and lots of kids. that's just me, though.

anyway, i think that's enough about me and paints a good enough picture. if you want to know more, just snapchat me.

app developer who created snapchat and is usually unreliable af
he'd have friends, but they'd have to be the type that would put up with shit like jack being unreliable, sarcastic, sometimes funny, and more into himself than them. he doesn't put up with other people's bullshit, though, so he will stand up for his friends, but that courage usually comes from being drunk.
he's in a complicated relationship with his baby mama of three. they've always been very off/on, so i'm totally open to other relationships he's had, one-night stands, fwb, future relationships that we can work out, etc, etc. anything! we will just have to play off what his relationship is like with his baby mama first.
lots because he doesn't ever shut his damn mouth and is pretty honest about everything.
he's an app developer and created snapchat, so any characters that have their own businesses, business people in general, computer-related characters, etc. would probably have connections with him.
player info
alias: aly
age: 24
timezone: central
gender: female
pronouns: she/her
(m) / smut: ask
triggers: none
contact: ask for discord
about you: do you ever have yeah! by usher stuck in your head?
 Posted on: Jun 14 2017, 03:48 PM
19 years old
235 posts
1330 points


Your application has been accepted! Please be sure to do all your claims before getting started on Acid!
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