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 musings: anastasia
anastasia vincent
 Posted on: Jun 18 2017, 01:53 AM
44 years old
she + her
49 posts
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Anastasia is insanely calm. She doesn't panic in situations easily, and tends to stay calm. Anastasia is just that type of person. She doesn't get worked up easily, and tends to deal with things more internally, and stays calms.


She is just a logical, focused type of person. Once her eye is on the prize - she can't do anything else. She doesn't procrastinate often or put off doing work. She doesn't get distracted in the slightest, and tends to do everything she can to do what she needs to do.


She isn't the emotional type. She is very logical. She doesn't get a lot of jokes, and tends to be a little bit tightly wound. It can make her a little annoying to be around at times, but she tries not to be. Being logical just overtakes everything else.


She won't trust you on sight. She wont trust you until far into your relationship with her. She doesn't trust anyone..ever...at all. She is very suspicious of other people and their intentions. She wants to be a more trusting person, but just isn't.


She gets super moody and irritable at times. She'll storm off, annoyed, and roll her eyes a lot. It is just part of her nature. She isn't always the most pleasant person to be around. She can just be a little cold at times. Its one thing that causes her to make a lot of enemies with her co workers - or at least strike a bit of fear into them.


Anastasia's way is the best way. At least she thinks it is. She has always been a stubborn person who think shes right all the time. She always thinks she must be right. Its her way or the highway. That whole thing. It is one of the more annoying parts of her personality.


anastasia vincent was born and lived in in france until the age of four. her grandmother as very ill, and they moved to la to take care of her. once - as a joke - her father took their five year old daughter to an audition. they didn't expect anything of it. yet - it happened.

she was on two extremely famous (now) classics. at the time it was a big deal - but now it is just a little fun fact that comes up at parties. after ten - she stopped getting jobs and stopped wanting to do it. it was a mutual falling out between her and the business.


her parents - however - were in love with the money. with her being underage - they completely blew all of her money the entire time. once they quit - they had to keep up their lifestyle. they got into crime - something anastasia wasn't even vaguely aware of until she was in her teens.


by time she really understood and realized - the female was almost out the door. she went to harvard university to study law. while she was there - she met her now husband. she lied to him right off the bat about her parents. she said they were dead because she didn't realize it would be a serious thing.

the female was already a bordering alcoholic. she wasn't even being a "normal" college student and getting drunk at a party. she was drinking alone in her room. however - she was a functioning one. she went to class, graduated, passed the bar, and got married.

she wasn't really in love with paxton, but she didn't really feel like she had to be. he was a nice guy who had a steady income (from drug dealing), who treated her well, and they agreed on most morals and values. so she tossed love to the win.

daily routine

She wakes up early, eats breakfast, checks on Poppy, goes to work, stops by Freddie's grave on the way home, heads home, checks on Poppy, takes a nap, has a drink, watches tv, has another drink, hangs out with Paxton, and then has some more drinks. Sometimes when she has events she does nothing but drink all day.

weird habits

Takes off her lipstick before drinking.

sleeping habits

She doesn't sleep much.

eating habits

She has a pretty healthy diet.

exercise habits

She works out twice a week before work.

addictive habits



Drinking at noon.
Dinner parties.
Making fun of people with Paxton.



overall behavior

She can definitely come off a bit stubborn and hard headed at times. Shes the type of person that its hard to exactly pinpoint whats happening with her. She comes off a bit passive, calm. She looks irritated most of the time.


She squeals and gets all excited when shes drunk.


She tends to exit the room or go find her husband.


She screams and yells. Not a violent type.


Shes scared of reptiles, injections, and hospitals.

"You are shaking fists & trembling teeth. I know: You did not mean to be cruel. That does not mean you were kind."
- venetta octavia

"She’s dangerous because she knows what she wants. She knows what she wants, and even better, she’s not intimated by these desires. She is not reckless with words, nor feelings. She’s dangerous because she’s in control."
- unknown

"You chug a fifth of alcohol by yourself & everyone around you is too busy cheering to wonder how empty you had to be in order to do it "
- unknown

"One thing that doesn’t abide by majority rule is a person’s conscience. "
- unknown

"I don’t care if I fall in love with a devil, as long as that devil will love me the way he loves hell."
- unknown

"I wonder how much of what weighs me down is not mine to carry."
- unknown

sexual info
Anastasia has been married for a very, very long time. She definitely isn't a virgin, but she hasn't slept around that much either. Shes slept with three men total. One being her husband, and two being boyfriends before him. She had her first boyfriend at sixteen, second at twenty, and her third was Paxton. All of this was in the context of a relationship. Shes never had or been interested in casual sex.

Anstasia doesn't really have any particular kinks or interests in the bed room. Anastasia goes through long spells of not being interested in having sex in the slightest. Then she'll go through spells of wanting to have sex a lot. She is honestly a little bit more shy about sex than you'd think.


I didn't love my husband when I first got married.

I wish it was me instead of Freddie.

I have a secret apartment to entertain my parents.


hogwarts house


moral alignment
chaotic good

relationship tracker
paxton - husband
poppy - daughter
griffin - son
anastasia vincent
 Posted on: Jun 18 2017, 07:09 PM
44 years old
she + her
49 posts
610 points

Headcanons, facts, and other things go here.
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