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 icc rules
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 Posted on: Sep 24 2017, 01:41 AM

icc rules

1. Try to remember to log your characters on and off. Always log them on. People forget to log off all the time. It happens because you get tired, rush out, etc. Just try to remember but always log your characters on. Remember that your character cannot see anything before or after they log on/off. Do not keep your character logged on all the time just so they can see everything.

2. Keep ooc talk to a minimum. It'll always happen. If it turns into a full blown convo - take it to the discord chat.

3. All of this happened on the board. Remember that. All of these interactions really happened.

4. I will not force people to censor their character. I know that sounds harsh but characters should be allowed to be who they want to be. So characters can be rude, sexual, etc. Just keep it realistic. Topics can be sexual, triggering, etc. AGAIN: THE IN CHARACTER CHAT IS NOT TRIGGER FREE, SAFE FOR WORK ZONE. ALL PHOTOS AND VIDEOS THAT ARE NSFW OR TRIGGERING SHOULD COME WITH A WARNING BUT SEXUAL AND/OR TRIGGERING CONVERSATIONS ARE ALLOWED

5. PMing is fine. You do this by doing something like "pm to sally:", "pm @ sally", etc. Just don't over do it. If your characters can only talk in PM to each other (more so if other people are getting drowned out) - take it out of the icc. If you do want to pm a lot that's fine. Just talk out of PMs too so no one is left out..

6. Include people. Do you want to be included? Then include everyone.

7. Use an icon - preferably a gif icon - when you can. Some people icc mobile. If your phone allows you to copy/paste - ask someone to get one for you. If you can't use an icon for whatever reason you still can icc but just do your best to get one when you can. The new cbox type is weird with icons. You may have to remove the 'http' when pasting it to get it to work.

8. Keep your name upper case. We're also allowing fun names now. So your character doesn't have to go by their real name in the cbox. They can go by something ridiculous.

10. Time is slightly fluid, but will mostly be in pacific time.

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