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 mandatory update challenge
yk im the baddest bitch admin around.
19 years old & she/her
 Posted on: Mar 5 2018, 04:20 AM
played by shadia

we're back bitches!!!!!
We're doing a mandatory update for everyone since everyone has been sitting on the same characters. We want them on your brain so this update will hopefully help!

It's REALLY short and easy. It's just a quick life update for everyone & asking what happened w/ them over the break. It doesn't have to be paragraphs on paragraphs. It can literally be a couple sentences as long as you put what your character has been up to.

You can use this and have it be WIP.

Please have this done as soon as possible, but you can do other things first.

remember how far you’ve come, not just how far you have to go. you are not where you want to be, but neither are you where you used to be.
23 years old & he/him
oliver harcourt
 Posted on: Mar 5 2018, 04:22 AM
played by sami

LIFE UPDATE oliver is adjusting to being monogamous again and taking care of his kids

OVER THE BREAK he's fighting with selena - again. oliver got closer to ryan - again. he got into a car crash with patrick and is salty patrick cared more about the car than him (also went to the hospital for minor injuries)

LIFE UPDATE ajax is working as both a nurse & a teacher (because fuck teaching wages) and staying sober

OVER THE BREAK actually hooked up with foster & is now awkwardly trying to avoid him, while also wanting to flirt? because sex makes everything confusing.

LIFE UPDATE kirk has been doing more and more with vogue, and less with youtube. he's trying to figure out what he wants to do with his life

OVER THE BREAK hooked up with dylan a few more times

LIFE UPDATE felix has just been chilling out, trying to ignore the fact that he might actually like mia instead of hating her guts

OVER THE BREAK felix did a wellness check on mia and is fucking worried because the bitch up and left. again. he's also been hanging out more with his twin, foster.

LIFE UPDATE jayden has been having a ton of dating rumors, and is crushing hard on zelda. he's also 2 seconds away from murdering indiana.

OVER THE BREAK he got ghosted by zelda, surprise surprise. also got blown off by selena while filming a new video

LIFE UPDATE elias has been filming his show & finally got the balls to propose to winter. he's still salty about patrick joining the clique

OVER THE BREAK he had his engagement party w/ winter & the hoe finally moved in with him

LIFE UPDATE griffin has been focusing a lot on himself, trying to make himself feel better and actually get into the acting profession instead of just being in porn. it isn't working out so well so far

OVER THE BREAK griffin has learned what it means to be jealous over nix (and kind of realized his feelings) and had a super awkward time with his mom when someone talked about his porn in front of her

LIFE UPDATE isaac has been wrapping his head around miriam's pregnancy & trying to deal with all his needy-ass clients

OVER THE BREAK essie told him that she relapsed and is doing coke, then stopped answering him - so naturally he's worried af about her. he's been paying more attention to patrick & trying to get his career to really fly. he's been trying to help miriam with her morning sickness / general pregnancy shit

LIFE UPDATE she got a job with marvel and has been drawing / writing things for them. nothing big, but she's happy with where she's at. she's been finally getting over parker, mostly by pretending he doesn't exist. also might have a thing for her best friend? who knows.

OVER THE BREAK honestly, she's getting along with selena more. they're not friends but she doesn't hate her anymore. she's been ghosted by arthur because he's a dick (nah he's just busy with work, but he's a dick in her eyes).

LIFE UPDATE addie's finally back in town and feels changed after her months away doing work, both photography and some work with animals.

OVER THE BREAK she called ryan out on him seeming like he's bipolar, which.. he is. shocker. she's trying to make sure that nothing bad happens to him

LIFE UPDATE lily has been trying to get over the fact that naomi likes dudes way more than she likes lily, which stings. she's also been living her gay life flirting with chicks (mostly eden)

OVER THE BREAK lily hooked up with atticus. which was awkward but oh, well. she's also getting close to eden and kind of really wants to bone her. also fought with naomi over hooking up with atticus.

LIFE UPDATE ronan has been trying to keep his job with essie after calling patrick out on being a racist, but also has been looking to see what else he could do for money. he really doesn't know what he wants to do with his life.

OVER THE BREAK awkwardly hooked up with patrick because boy needs to keep his damn mouth shut, but at least he's hot

LIFE UPDATE hanna has finally gotten over ryan being a dick and not telling her about dealing / using drugs. she's back to her happyish self and wants to just find love that isn't going to hurt her too badly.

OVER THE BREAK hanna went on a little vacation with grace because jesus she needed to get out of town for a bit.

LIFE UPDATE caspian has been breaking into houses & stealing shit. he's tempted to try and talk to essie again after her whole thing with indiana ended.

OVER THE BREAK caspian and james ran off to vegas for a bit to stay on the down-low since they may have gotten into a bit of trouble.

LIFE UPDATE nathan has been trying to date charlotte to pray (and fuck) the gay away. he doesn't want anyone else to know that he's gay. he's also still blaming himself for what happened with indiana and pixel.

OVER THE BREAK he and charlotte had "real" sex, and he met her mom. it was weird.

LIFE UPDATE carter has been staying out of the limelight to try and avoid any unnecessary attention. he's just chilling, really.

OVER THE BREAK carter and sephora are officially together. he's just a little worried about how he hasn't heard from mia.

LIFE UPDATE phoenix is being a hoe. he's trying to appease his wife, while keeping his sugar baby (selena) happy as well as trying to get back in touch with his ex (kade) who he may still want to fuck. just maybe.

OVER THE BREAK he went on vacation with eve! a romantic getaway to paris. meanwhile, he was also flirting with and having phone sex with kade. he also might have bitched out bellamy for putting stupid ideas into eve's head.

LIFE UPDATE daisy has been standing by her sister and trying to ruin any girl's life if she gets involved with ryan. also she's getting high as fuck literally all the time.

OVER THE BREAK she's helping alaska be a creep. daisy is also hella hooking up with ryan, because girl has no chill whatsoever.

LIFE UPDATE lucky has been trying to focus on his work with cyrus and keep up his relevancy on youtube to keep up his lifestyle.

OVER THE BREAK he got super drunk with cyrus and they ended up making out. cyrus doesn't seem to remember, but lucky does. he feels like shit about it - oops.

fire in her bones, honey in her soul. she’s sweet when she has to be, and fierce when she needs to be.
43 years old & she + her
sephora richards
 Posted on: Mar 5 2018, 04:23 AM
played by shadia

LIFE UPDATE Shes falling down a deadly rabbit hole. She's hitting the self-destruct button every five minutes. Shes speeding with no breaks. Whatever you want to call it - shes spiraling. Shes in therapy at least.

OVER THE BREAK Selena knocked out at the strip club causing her to be checked into the eating disorders ward for a week (also causing her to miss filming with Jayden). Outside of that? Her life has been anything but boring. Shes shooting forward with little breaks and barely sleeping. She has a secret book deal that shes been dealing with the last few months and is anxious that she'll have to announce it.

Shes currently fighting with both Oliver and Seraphina (what is new?) after Seraphina made a "fat" comment relating to pregnancy. Being sick - she took it the wrong way and was rude. Who else is she fighting with? Naomi because Naomi slept with Trenton.

Aj isn't exactly a big fan either. He called her out on losing weight and she cut contact completely.

Shes been in an open relationship with Patrick that has been going fairly well.

Her self esteem took a hit when Julian couldn't get his dick hard for her while they were hooking up and she awkwardly left. It didn't help that in the same week Parker rejected her. But she felt a bit better after she hooked up with Pixel even though Selena left right away the next day.

On the good news side, she won a little bit of money while gambling and seriously wants to fight at the underground club.

LIFE UPDATE Ryan has been officially diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Hes found out that his manic phases were what he viewed as "creative spurts", and were often chilled out by his heroin addiction. His depressive phases were "helped" with cocaine and other uppers.

OVER THE BREAK Ryan was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Hes been hanging out with Addie a lot more, but hasn't talked to her in a few days. After a traumatic series of events with Pixel - he is feeling more distant with her than ever. Pixel isn't the only person he's having problems with. After a giant fight with Naomi - neither of them have talked in weeks. His self-destructive tendencies have led him to Daisy - no matter how crazy. Oh yeah..speaking of destructive. He got into another bar fight with Jordan. Hes a lot closer to Oliver these days, but that didn't stop Ryan from advising Seraphina to dump him.

LIFE UPDATE Zelda has offically moved into her new apartment, and is definitely ready for tour to be over.

OVER THE BREAK Zelda ghosted Jayden. Whoops. Shes also been helping Indiana with recovery a lot, but is also getting a lot of anxiety from him over it. She really hasn't tried to contact her new brother at all.

LIFE UPDATE Mia vanished.

OVER THE BREAK Mia dead ass vanished. She left her stuff here and is gone. She has given nobody ANY sort of warning. She left like she came.

LIFE UPDATE Essie is working pretty much non stop. If shes not working - shes doing something else.

OVER THE BREAK Essence went on a few days of a bender of non-stop cocaine with Asher before jet setting onto another country to film (with Julian). On top of that, the clique is arguing which is driving her nuts. So if her phone isn't being blown up because of that - its being blown up because she ghosted Isaac after admitting drug use. She hasn't spoken to Indiana, but their divorce hasn't moved forward.

LIFE UPDATE Dylan has been working 24/7.

OVER THE BREAK Dylan's been hooking up with Kirk despite having just almost been fired for rumors about Poppy (which he didn't). Every. Single. Time he acts like its the last.

LIFE UPDATE She is hitting the bottle harder than ever.

OVER THE BREAK The last few weeks have been insane for Anastasia. First, Poppy has been driving her nuts with the sulking. Anastasia made Poppy promise to keep quiet after Anastasia lied about why her car was in the shop. The lie to Paxton: The engine freaked out. The truth? She was drunk and hit something (thankfully nobody and not another car.) She was coping with Griffin's porn career (aka forgetting about it) until they were stopped which is making her distant.

LIFE UPDATE His entire fucking world just got flipped on its god damn head.

OVER THE BREAK Not even weeks after being called out for running a gossip blog, Arthur has been put to be the COO of his father's company. He completely ended up ghosting Dany which is causing tension.

LIFE UPDATE Astrid was doing perfectly until her parents caught her. Now shes on lockdown.

OVER THE BREAK She (unintentionally) ghosted Fitz after her parents caught her and are very upset with her dating an "ungodly" man.

LIFE UPDATE Atticus is out of jail and is a personal trainer. What more could he ask for?

OVER THE BREAK Atticus ended up hooking up with Lily. Which is fine, but also super weird. In the other dramatics ofhis life, he caught Trenton being weird after hooking up with Naomi, and punched the fuck out of him.

LIFE UPDATE The release of who runs the gossip blog has her on edge, but she hasn't quit out of fear of being a target.

OVER THE BREAK Shes been hanging out with Lily a lot and loving it.

LIFE UPDATE Shes been dating Jordan for awhile now, and is trying to get more involved in his life.

OVER THE BREAK Things have been good with Jordan, but they're having a hard time getting past relationship bumps.

LIFE UPDATE Miriam has been working for the church and is starting to get antsy at home.

OVER THE BREAK Miriam is pregnant. Whoops.

LIFE UPDATE Nix is out here being annoying af.

OVER THE BREAK After Nix started seriously hanging out with a guy - things started getting awkward between Griffin and Nix. Partly because of jealousy, but partly because of something else. Poppy did e with Nix and feels bad that they're keeping it from Griffin out of fear.

LIFE UPDATE Princeton is being adorable and its been months since his relapse. So hes feeling more confident on his recovery.

OVER THE BREAK After catching Pixel freaking out, they went out to a late night dinner. That didn't go over well with his wife who believes, now, that Princeton is having an affair.

LIFE UPDATE He is mid looking for a different job.

OVER THE BREAK He went on another date with Naomi and keeps catching her off guard by not trying to fuck bang her.


OVER THE BREAK Winter has recently moved in with Elias, and they had their engagement party over the break with multiple honorable mentions to Asher during it. On the less happy note - she's been in a shade war with Julian and they're both over each other's shit.

LIFE UPDATE Sephora has been enjoying (but is also terrified of) the empty nest.

OVER THE BREAK Sephora found out that Jakob killed someone (via one of her clients) and doesn't know if she should approach him or not.

LIFE UPDATE Does he have a life?? He doesn't have a life.

OVER THE BREAK Hes been running his apartment and has backed off of trying to befriend Seraphina.

LIFE UPDATE He was arrested a few weeks ago...big oops.

OVER THE BREAK James and Caspian went off to Vegas cause fuck the police. The vacation wasn't a moment too soon after a really awkward interaction with Pixel after he drove her home while she was drunk.

LIFE UPDATE Eve hasn't had too much going on aside from checking her husbands phone (and getting caught).

OVER THE BREAK Eve went off to Paris with Phoenix after a fight with Bellamy about...well...Phoenix.

LIFE UPDATE New school year, new headaches! .

OVER THE BREAK Shes been hooking up with Anderson, but they're not very serious at all.

LIFE UPDATE He became a manager at Starbucks.

OVER THE BREAK Pixel quit so Tristan has never been happier to not have to pretend to like someone.

LIFE UPDATE Hes almost considering getting a job?? Wild right?

OVER THE BREAK B ghosted Poppy and doesn't realize the emotional distress hes been putting her through (and probably all of her friends) because of it. He plans on contacting her again, but doesn't know how to go about it.

LIFE UPDATE Her engagement is rlly rocky right now...whoops. Shes been working non stop since its award show time to do styling for them.

OVER THE BREAK Brooke has, for the first time ever, started to doubt her future husband. Shes also running herself wild since Oscars and has been in Hollywood for a few weeks.

LIFE UPDATE A few months ago, Charlotte entered into a relationship with Nathan. Recently, shes started working as Reign's secretary and started teaching dance lessons.

OVER THE BREAK Her mother has been in town for the last few weeks. Shes starting to get very suspicious of

LIFE UPDATE Foster is dying because its mid term time and high school students are annoying.

OVER THE BREAK He had an awkward hook up with his former enemy Ajax.

LIFE UPDATE Olympia is in a complicated on again/off again relationship with Jack, and is coming out with the final book of her series soon.

OVER THE BREAK Olympia has just been out here living her life.

LIFE UPDATE Max is halfway through this semester & is absolutely !!! right now.

OVER THE BREAK Hes just been continuing school.

LIFE UPDATE Kade has been working on a documentary for the past few weeks. Hes also been running his business as his primary job.

OVER THE BREAK Kade has been spending a lot of time over at Noelle's house - easily pissing off Anderson. His hoeing hasn't stopped there since his fling with Phoenix seems to have resurfaced into his life.

LIFE UPDATE Alaska is starting to hate being a part of the documentary. Shes also trying to make friends hella..

OVER THE BREAK She convinced Daisy to help her creep on Patrick (waiting outside of his house).

LIFE UPDATE Hes been working on some music. He plans on coming out with his first album soon.

OVER THE BREAK He drunk made out with Lucky. He doesn't remember.

LIFE UPDATE Blaise had spent the last few years working for Trenton, going on tour, etc. He recently switched to Patrick Hall.

OVER THE BREAK He signed papers, information, etc andstarted officially working for Patrick.

You have your father’s mouth and consequently have dreams where you’re ripping it from your face. Somebody told you once that you were inadequate and now there’s a bruise on your ego and you can’t seem to stop touching it.
23 years old & she/her
specialty cake baker
hot mess
pixel kennedy
 Posted on: Mar 5 2018, 10:07 AM
played by mal

LIFE UPDATE Pixel has been loading too much onto her plate with an internship, school, studying for the bar, and starting a new job as well as trying to be everyone's best friend all the time.

OVER THE BREAK Pixel sprained her ankle after stepping off a curb wrong and had to go to the hospital for it, where they found out she was having a miscarriage. She got really weird with Ryan because of it and they sorta stopped talking.

She hooked up with Selena which also got weird and left Pixel feeling like she did something wrong.

She tried to hook up with AJ but ended up crying instead.

She's been meddling in her father's love life since she can't seem to get a handle on her own.

She ended up calling James after leaving a bar one night(because Essie was there and she didn't want to start trouble) and it was awkward and she wasn't sober enough to give good directions.

Indiana tried to apologize for everything that happened and Pixel decided it was the best time to send him screenshots of his and Essie's fans calling her a homewrecking whore.

She's basically just made things awkward with everyone in her life.

LIFE UPDATE Patrick has been getting ready to go on tour this summer and adjusting to having two children.

OVER THE BREAK Patrick and Selena have been in an open relationship for the past few weeks and it's been going well, surprisingly.

He got into a wreck in his brand new Tesla with Oliver in the car and the first thing he said was "FUCK, MY CAR." instead of asking Oli if he was alright. #bestfriendever

Fighting with the clique already and wondering if it was a mistake to join.

Hired Blaise as an assistant because Trenton is a garbage pile.

Hooked up with Ronan because why not, that's the same as getting along right?

Was Isaac's focus for once and kinda amazed at what it's like to be his favorite.

LIFE UPDATE Jesse is much the same, going to work and the gym, as well as criminal extracurricular activities. Oh, he's also secretly been going to school.

OVER THE BREAK Jesse ended up lowkey running the club in Mia's absence since he was the only other person that knew where she kept the money. He's just hoping she comes back.

He kicked his mother out of his house but refuses to say why other than "she's better and can live on her own now."

I was in the winter of my life, and the men I met along the road were my only summer
24 years old & she/her
dancing bartender
naomi blake
 Posted on: Mar 5 2018, 03:41 PM
played by aero

LIFE UPDATE Asher has been his very typical criminal self. Ever since Mia up and vanished he’s been focused more on his thug ways rather than the organized crime kick he’s been on lately.

OVER THE BREAK He went on a full out cocaine binge with Essie for a few days after winning big at the underground fights with Selena. And after weeks of being standoffish with Winter over her engagement he’s finally made amends after she stroked his ego with her speech at her engagement party.

LIFE UPDATE Naomi is basically a hot mess right now. She is literally fighting with everyone she loves and she’s not taking it well.

OVER THE BREAK She got into a fight with Lily over the fact that she and Atticus slept together. She wasn’t really mad at that, but the whole thing was awkward and she didn’t really know how to handle it so it just ended up blowing up. They haven’t talked for the past couple weeks. Not only that, but she also got into a huge blowout with both Ryan and then a week later Selena after she drunkenly hooked up with Trenton. She’s been drinking more than usual (which is what led to the lapse of judgement) and binge partying with Alaska. The morning after she slept with Trenton he got handsy with her and claimed he wanted her back, Atticus walked in on the whole thing and punched him tf out.

LIFE UPDATE Nori has been busy opening a new yoga studio closer to her condo with Princeton and Hunter.

OVER THE BREAK She’s convinced Princeton is cheating on her after she caught him out late one night with Pixel to dinner. She’s been distant with him since and is considering separation.

LIFE UPDATE Poppy has been juggling school, her job at Vogue and trying to make B fall in love with her and the stress of everything has finally broke her.

OVER THE BREAK After weeks of stress Dylan was finally cleared of the accusations of sleeping with Poppy. The whole ordeal has made working together awkward for the both of them, she feels like she’s constantly stepping on eggshells when around him now. Just when she thought things were going well between them, B all of a sudden started ghosting her. She has not been taking that well and has been an annoying dramatic teenager ever since, bugging the shit out of her mother. She’s been covering for her mom after she got drunk behind the wheel again and damaged her car. She also did e one night while clubbing with Nix and they are both scared Griffin will find out.

LIFE UPDATE AJ has been taking care of his step son on his own while struggling with the fact that he is back in Seattle.

OVER THE BREAK After he called Selena out over her drastic weight lost she completely shut him out and stopped talking to him all together. He almost hooked up with Pixel but things got awkward when she started to cry over the current state of her life.

LIFE UPDATE After the dramatic end of Indiana and Essence’s marriage things haven’t been going well for Noelle’s business. She’s also basically become a single mother to her five month old daughter.

OVER THE BREAK Andy and her haven’t been speaking after she caught him lying to her about always working late. Ever since, things between her and Kade have been getting more serious and he Ben staying over at her place frequently for the past two weeks.

LIFE UPDATE Bellamy has taken a break from her blog to focus more on her job at Nike and feelings towards her boss.

OVER THE BREAK Before their trip, she got into a fight with Eve over Phoenix and her suspicions on him. He yelled at her when he found out she was talking shit about him to his wife. She’s been spending a lot of time with Reign until he had a medical emergency when they were together. Because she’s not family or his wife the hospital has refused to give her any updates or let her see him. She hasn’t heard from him for a week and is worried sick.

LIFE UPDATE Fitzgerald has been working hard to win the business of a popular clothing brand in Vietnam that could net him 100k per year.

OVER THE BREAK After finally maning up and asking Astrid to be his girlfriend he hasn’t heard a word from her. She’s completely ghosted him and he doesn’t know why.

LIFE UPDATE Grace has been making great strides with her anxiety and has cut down her therapy sessions from three times a week to only twice a week.

OVER THE BREAK Her and Hanna took a much needed trip to Hawaii together. She hasn’t spoken much to her father after finding out he murdered a man while in prison.

LIFE UPDATE Catalina convinced her husband to sponsor her parents so they could come to America.

OVER THE BREAK She’s been in Greece on vacation (by herself) and spending her husband’s money.

i think the saddest people always try their hardest to make people happy, because they know what it's like to feel absolutely worthless, and they don't want anybody else to feel like that
36 years old & he/him
indiana ford
 Posted on: Mar 8 2018, 12:05 AM
played by aly

LIFE UPDATE ser is happier now after closing her relationship and is just enjoying life and going with the flow

OVER THE BREAK she quit her job as a dental assistant and got hired at vogue again as someone that casts and hires models. she also made a weekend trip to california to visit her brother.

LIFE UPDATE indiana has been dealing with pending divorce paperwork, the end of his tour, and constantly finding more work to do while essentially being a single-parent.

OVER THE BREAK he’s really been working on himself, his mental health, and his addiction

LIFE UPDATE he’s been enjoying life as a free person and is just taking every little thing in. he works at gold club as a bouncer.

OVER THE BREAK jake noticed mia gone and slightly freaked out since she’s been the one to get him back on his feet. his daughter grace learned that he killed a man in prison and he’s trying not to lose his kids to that new information.

LIFE UPDATE ready for the end of the school year to be here since he’s a teacher.

OVER THE BREAK hanging out with ivy and figuring out how to make their relationship work. got in a second bar fight with ryan.

LIFE UPDATE working on new filming projects as a producer or screenwriter while trying to manage all the clique drama.

OVER THE BREAK has been in a shade war with winter and travelled with essie for a project out of the country. tried to hook up with selena but it ended up going nowhere but awkward town.

LIFE UPDATE has been doing his typical duties as mayor while still dealing with not having his son around and trying to keep his head above water with his marriage and the drug dealers from the east coast.

OVER THE BREAK paxton has been pretty distant from most of his family lately. over the break he got another threat from the dealers on his family’s life and is going to see if he can pay them off.

LIFE UPDATE has been arguing a lot with eve and has been distant with his sister. running nike hasn’t been his passion lately and he still hasn’t done anything about his cancer coming back.

OVER THE BREAK had a health emergency, so bellamy had to take him to the hospital. just had them do an iv drip for hydration and some meds and was persuaded to start cancer treatment asap but has yet to decide.

LIFE UPDATE staying busy with his law firm and has convinced himself he’s completely over dany.

OVER THE BREAK parker picked up a case that was way too difficult for him and now he’s in over his head and can’t back out. meanwhile, he’s been having a hard time figuring out where he needs to go in his relationship with selena.

LIFE UPDATE anderson isn’t handling parenthood or co-parenting very well, and has been struggling balancing work and his relationship with elle.

OVER THE BREAK he picked up a lot of extra hacking work to bring in more money for his daughter, but it’s caused lots of fighting between him and elle. he’s mad that kade has been hanging around.

LIFE UPDATE jack has been catching a lot of flack after trying to change up his app, snapchat, and the stress has pushed him away from olympia and family life.

OVER THE BREAK he went on a “spring break” trip to the bahamas with a couple coworkers and good friends.

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