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 important update!
yk im the baddest bitch admin around.
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 Posted on: Dec 17 2017, 03:12 AM
played by shadia

winter updates

Hey, everyone!

We just wanted to make a quick update after our survey results! We definitely heard you on a few things, and we have a bunch of new fun stuff to update you guys on!

We have a brand new skin! This one should be our most mobile-friendly skin yet! With any skin - there are chances of issues, glitches, etc. If you spot any - contact an admin ASAP. We will try to sort it out!

We heard a few cries of concern over the future of Acid, plots, etc. While we understand (and share some concerns) - Acid isn’t a site that would work as being open to the public. We would end up having to give up twitter, do monthly ac's, and update everything. The lax activity and restrictions wouldn’t be able to work!

We’re not leaving you with that empty handed, though! Almost everything in this update will be directly relating to helping Acid be a well rounded, flourishing site with lots of plots going on!

CHALLENGES We’re so happy to hear how much you love our challenges! We’re happy to be doing them! We definitely plan on continuing challenges both on twitter and on site! Right now our challenges are the gift giving challenge until December 25th. We also have the brand new ship challenge going on right now. We also have the twitter challenge going on. So get tweeting! We’re always open to new challenge ideas! We need to know what you want, though! What types of challenges do you want us to do? Let us know!

POINTS We’re, again, severely encouraging more point usage! What is the point of doing all of these challenges if we’re not going to be using any of them? Use your points! Spend them! You can find this months points spree right here.

BANS This is a reminder that we have a celebrity ban going on. Current celeb characters can continue to go on, but we are not allowing anymore.

GROUPS We want more characters to interact! We want underused characters to be able to thrive! We want them to be able to make plots with underused characters, overused characters, and everything inbetween. We’ve cleared out ALL of our sub plots. We’re going to be posting tons of new groups, clubs, etc for characters to join!

A note about celebs - we removed the celebrity list as well. This will be a mandatory "claim” when we get it up for celeb characters. Keep your eyes peeled!

SHIP BOARDS Everyone seemed to want more ship board activity; however, nobody seems to be posting on the ship boards. We know you want to see what your ship partner thinks of your ship! Wanna know a secret? So do they! So go post on your ship boards. However - you may be a little confused when you go over there.

We removed all of the threads! You can find the ship archives right in the ship board, but we’ve archived them! We want everyone to start fresh. A lot of the old posts have dead links, are cluttered, etc. If you must have your old ship back - ask an admin to move it back.

GOSSIP BLOG We got a little bit of advice about the gossip blog! We want to start posting about a more wide range of characters, but we need help! We can’t do all of the work! Send in gossip, send in confessions, etc. We know some of your characters wouldn’t send in gossip. So if you’d like it to be to where your actual character didn’t send it in just write “//” in front of whatever it is!

ACTIVITY Activity was a big thing with you guys! Rightfully so. We are a relaxed site. So we don’t want to start yelling at people, but we also don’t want characters sitting around with out posts for long periods of times. We need to see more activity on characters. We don’t want threads sitting for months with out replies, tons of archived threads that are unfinished, etc.

We did a fairly large archiving session! So that might have cleaned up your trackers so you can get started on some new threads and focus on your fresh ones! If you do need a thread moved back - message an admin!

You guys are the absolute best! If you have any questions, concerns, etc - let us know!

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