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 fall updates & news!
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 Posted on: Sep 24 2017, 02:35 AM
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fall updates

Hello! This is just a real quick announcement and summary of everything that is going to be happening from now on out! First off - happy fall! We're super excited to start this new fall with some great updates, revamps, and new things coming to Acid! So instead of babbling further - lets hop right into it!

SKIN We have a brand new Halloween skin on Acid! Just like with any skin - there is the possibility of little glitches here and there. So if you find one or something is missing - let me know! I'll be happy to update it. As you may have noticed - our characters are the new banner models! So feel free to keep refreshing and you'll eventually see one of yours! Everyone has three in there - so keep searching! Also this is a quick reminder that the aesthetic should be a square. It'll still work if it isn't, but it looks best as a square.

IN CHARACTER CHAT We have decided to revive and bring back the in character chat. You can refamarlize yourself with our rules here! The only big changes are that names should now be in uppercase and we're testing out allowing characters to have funny names that aren't their real names. So if your character wants to log in as 'BITCH' then that's fine! You can find the icc in the social media section or right here. The url has changed for anyone who had it saved to their phone!

CONFESSIONS We're adding in Twitter confessions! This can be about anything and everything. They will all be posted to the twitter timeline! This is a required follow & you can find the account right here! You can DM the account or confess on the sarahah account linked in the sidebar. You're allowed to confess anything your characters hearts desire!

TWITTER CHALLENGES This will be pretty simple! We will be doing more in depth challenges on the site, but more silly and innocent ones on the dash! They will all be coming from the hq account which everyone should be following anyway!

SUB PLOTS New sub plots will be coming! There aren't any big updates on this at the moment, but just know they're coming!

SUPERNATURAL PLOTS This is just a post to let you know that we're going to be doing this! This will come later towards the end of the most/start of October as part of our Halloween holiday events! So get ready for all of the spooky plots!

JOB LOSS This is, again, just a little post to let you know that this is happening. We will be making a thread soon basically so if you'd like your character to lose their job - you can post it there! I will update everyone with the link then!

NEW POINTS SYSTEM We have decided to have everyone keep their current point amounts, but we will still be revamping them! We will soon have new and more relevant points!

Thank you for listening & we hope you're just as excited as we are to have these lovely new updates! Send any questions our way x .

Love you! <3

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