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 Posted on: Feb 23 2017, 04:02 AM
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challenge event!

Yes! The Twitter is back! The twitter rules are as follows:
one All twitter accounts must be private unless otherwise stated by an admin.

two You're welcome to retweet, like, follow, etc non-rp accounts. Do not accept follows from any non-rp accounts. Please do not interact with (as in dm, @ them, etc) accounts non rp related.

three You must be following the main, gossip, and everyone else's account. Even if your character wouldn't realistically follow them.

four We've decided this time around to NOT have things through posts/threads here. The way you 'count' in it is by following the main. It is easier to go down through the AcidHqs's follow list. You do not have to post anything here.

five Gmail has this neat thing where if you put a '.' in the email it'll register as different emails for different accounts. Such as: shadia@gmail.com for one, s.hadia@gmail.com for two, sha.dia@gmail.com for a third, etc.

six In your characters 'location' section please put "followers #". Please use a REALISTIC count. Not everyone can have 10k followers.

seven We will be a little less lenient on using twitter when you're being inactive. We're not going to smite anyone for posting a photo when they haven't done posts for a week, but we have a site to run. Twitter won't exist with out site activity and Acid running. That being said - you cannot make a twitter account for your character until you have at least ten in character posts. If you're personally 'warned' on activity - we may temporarily ask you to step away from the twitter accounts.

eight We think it would be unfair for us to say no dms. Just bare in mind that ICCing, cell posts, and regular threads cannot replace DMing. Major plot points should not be done out over DM. Please move those to a place that other people can read them. We're fine with chit chat over DMs but NO plot points. Everyone wants to read it! Please do not participate in DMs if you do not have a post from the last ten days. Gossip blog and OOC chit chat is an exception.

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