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 sizon's comet
 Posted on: May 13 2017, 05:07 PM
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sizon's comet

May has came around, and with that - Sizon's comet is coming around for the first time in fifty years. To honor the event - one of Seattle's private beaches has opened up for the next month. Bonfires, games, food, and drink will be around for the month. So feel free to come down and have a little fun!

We're sure you're all going to be able to find something to do down there! Get into an argument, make out, or have some fun swimming. We're sure Seattle's weather will make that one easy! Enjoy the night of the comet, or just hang around with your friends. Either way - we'll be happy to see you.

Now - you're about now probably wondering where in the hell the board for this event? Simple enough - we're not having one. We decided to go ahead and have a fun qr event. The icc will temporarily be used as a qr. You write them just the way you write one liners in the one liner board.

We're going to keep the rules simple:

1. Be considerate about your characters popping up, listening in, etc.

2. Everyone is allowed to join the qr. Characters should be themselves (including mean characters, rude characters, etc), but nobody has to feel left out. Include everyone. Its fine if people are talking seperatel, but don't ignore anyone that clearly wants to join in.

3. Keep ooc chat to a minimum.

4. The qr is not necessarily a trigger free, safe for work place. Again - characters are allowed to be themselves. This is with in reason. Obviously making out and things like that are fine, but fade to black or take it to a thread once things heat up.

5. The time thing can be a little shaky. If people want to ignore that its technically 4 am pacific time - they're allowed to. If joining people already in the icc - go along with it. If you'd like to go along with that it is super late and go by the real pacific clock - feel free.

6. Use an icon when possible, and keep names lowercase.

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