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 qr & icc rules
She wears darkness as a queen wears a crown: proud, confident, beautiful and above all meant only for her.
21 years old & she/her
dating my cat
 Posted on: Mar 5 2018, 03:39 AM
played by sami

qr rules
1. Don't ignore people - try to be inclusive. People may not always get along or know each other, but at least try. No one wants to be ignored in this.

2. We will not force people to censor their character. I know that sounds harsh but characters should be allowed to be who they want to be. Characters can be rude, offensive, etc. Just try to keep it realistic.

3. Don't write out smut - fade it to black or take it to a thread. Try to keep it as safe for work as you can regarding sexual content.

4. Please don't use this as a replacement for threading things out. Take big plots or interactions to a thread. It may be faster to use the QR, but please still try to thread things out!

5. You have to have posted on the character you are using in the QR within the last 2 weeks. Just posting on another character won't work - it has to be on the character that you are using.

6. You must have a minimum of 15 posts on the character that you are using before you can use them in the QR.

icc rules
1. Again, don't ignore people. You can PM characters, but try not to let it overtake the chat. If your characters are going to PM a lot, take it to a cell thread.

2. This icc is also not trigger-safe. There will be topics regarding sex, drugs, etc - characters can talk about whatever they want and be as rude or pleasant as they would like.

3. Don't have your characters sext in the icc. Take it to a cell thread.

4. The icc isn't a replacement for threading. Please take major plots or interactions into a thread.

5. Give a warning before sending any pictures / images that are nsfw. Try to give a few warnings just so everyone is aware, and please don't send anything insanely nsfw (like nudity).

6. Try to remember to log your characters on and off. Always log them on. People forget to log off all the time. It happens because you get tired, rush out, etc. Just try to remember but always log your characters on. Remember that your character cannot see anything before or after they log on/off. Do not keep your character logged on all the time just so they can see everything. Its rude.

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